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Big Bong
Mobile @t the
2003 Nimbin Mardi Grass

'Rolling on the Hard Drive in Peace Park'

Webgreetings and welcome to all who partoke of the reality of the weekend long Big Bong Mobile MardiGrass 2003 Tail Gate Party! As you will see once this webpage downloads, there is a lot more to the 'High Performance' Big Bong Mobile than meets the eye of a casual observer, at first glance the low quality of the ultra yellow paint work and the rust on the chrome wheels is virtually unnoticeable in the optic glare created by the Big Bong on the roof, inside, it's pretty much the same dynamic, the obvious deficiencies in driver visibility and comfort are more than adequately compensated for by a total over load of computer hardware and ever since it's 'reality debut' the amount of interest in the Big Bong Mobile has been steadily growing.

Indeed, the 2003 Nimbin Mardi Grass was perhaps the most successful "Demonstration" of the Big Bong Burger Bar Cannabis Catering Concept ever staged, thanx to the quality input from the Mob, the Mop and the Aging Hippies for er, umm. The Mob is the MardiGrass Organizing Bunch, the central organizing committee who mostly live in the hills around Nimbin and work 365 days a year on Cannabis Law Reform. The Mop are the MardiGrass Organizing People, the volunteers who arrive every year to ensure that the protestival runs smoothly. The Aging Hippies for er, umm are a highly nebulous ensemble entirely composed of, er, umm, not surprisingly, er, umm, old hippies. 

Of all the Cannabis Law Reform Protests on Earth on the first weekend of May 2003, the Nimbin Mardi Grass Protest was by far the most geographically convenient - being less than 4 and 20 K's away from the BONG Site.  

Which is not to say that it was easy or cheap to 'legally' get the Big Bong Mobile to the Mardi Grass, for example, it cost $240 for the round trip on the truck!

The tilt-truck unloaded the Big Bong Mobile in the main street of Nimbin, right outside the Nimbin H.E.M.P Embassy /H.E.M.P Bar Complex in plenty of time for the traditional 420 Mardi Grass Toke Off inside the H.E.M.P Bar.

Originally, the plan had been to umbillicus up to the HEMP Bar and duplicate last years "inside - outside" webcast.

However, as the was sun setting and the crowd rocked up, the Big Bong Mobile looked like a "beat up old hippies" car with a garbage can on the top, totally lost in the maelstrom.

As I sat in the HEMP Bar and reflected on what the head of the M.O.B had replied when I asked him where he wanted the Big Bong Mobile; "Either plugged in outside the HEMP Embassy or unplugged in Peace Park."

I reflectively pondered both the options over multiple coffees and through heaps of smoke in the HEMP Bar, then I walked down Sibley Street past all the food stalls and beheld "HEMP World" for the first time, a huge circle of market stalls ringing Peace Park, all with a HEMP theme and the only empty spot was right next to the main entry gate and right beside the "old peacebus" and thus, the decision to relocate to Peace Park literally made itself.

Unplugged in Peace Park..

HEMP World was such a wonderful place to spend a Mardi Grass, music from 9 am till midnight interspersed with comedy, poetry, speeches parades and the HEMP Olympics. First thing I did after setting the qwerty inside the mobile was apply the wwwarpaint - for those non-familiar with the slanguage,  wwwarpaint is what I call the sign writing and a qwerty is, anyway, once the url was splattered along the side of the Big Bong Mobile I cranked up the tail gate party and watched a seemingly endless succession of photographers taking pictures of the Big Bong Mobile (oft times starring themselves and friends) for their photo albums and web pages.

At approximately 4.11:20 Pm on the Saturday, I took off my Big Bong hat, armed myself with the Trident of Cannabis Law Reform and made my way up to the Big Banana - the Big Banana  for those non-familiar with the slanguage of Mardi Grass is the name of the microphone that is linked  M*A*S*H* style to the loud speakers installed through out the festival.

At exactly 4.15:40 the voice of Max Stone -the non official smokesperson from the radical fringe of the Australian Cannabis Law Reform Movement sounded the Four minutes Twenty seconds till 4.20 PM and the start of the Nimbin Million Man Marijuana March....

At 4.20 PM a huge cloud of highly green smoke wafted out the front door of the H.E.M.P Bar to signal the official toke-off of the 5th Nimbin MMMMarch. Rather than a march, a parade, a joint rolling and/or smoking demonstration or some other variation of a 'short term action/event', we embarked upon a "festival wide - 4 and 20 hour long" demonstration of responsible cannabis use that  included the entire crowd and concluded at 4.20 PM Sunday at the Mobile Big Bong Burger Bar in Peace Park.

The 420 clock and eyeball cam

Inside the mobile @t 420 Sunday


After the Mardigrass parade, after the music was over and when most everyone had departed from the protestival the aging hippies for ur umm gathered in the mist of peace park and arranged the chairs in a gigantic peace sign below, some say they performed arcane rituals of secrecy and magic in the circle till the sun came up, others say they just sat around talking peace, pot and politics and new ways to change the law. There are those who say the peace circle was a late entry in the 2003 Pot Art Exhibition and of course, this being Nimbin, there are those that say that the "chair circle" was a teleport device and that all the aging hippies got beamed up to the mothership on the far side of the moon - All that I can say is that I was there, I wasn't sworn to secrecy, I did talk pot and politics and new ways to change the law and it wasn't till I got back from the mothership that I found out that the peace circle had earned a high distinction in the Pot Art Exhibition ;O)--~

BOTTOM LINE? All in all it was, as I said at the beginning, the most successful "Demonstration" of the Big Bong Burger Bar Cannabis Catering Concept ever staged, all weekend long I was asked variations of same question over and over - "When and/or where can I visit a Big Bong Burger Bar?" Over and over I replied with the only answer... "Barkersvale in the Spring"

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 Outside the H.E.M.P Bar at the 2002 Nimbin Mardi Grass

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NOW Constructing
Big Bong Burger Bar
Number ONE.

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