MardiGrass 2002.


Nimbin is buzzing with the upshift into MAX MardiGrass Mode and even though the rain, or rather, those blue-green splotches on the infra red rain radar image are still hovering, optimism is seemingly bridled only by enthusiasm and that's about all I got time to write for the moment because I am ...

Outside the H.E.M.P Bar


Webgreetings webTV User, unfortunately U can't see the webshow, and whilst I believe we should be fixing the problem, not fixing the blame, the simple truth is that webTV can't receive the web cam images yet, let's both hope the dudes at Web TV manage to catch up to the rest of the wwworld real soon ;O)--~

some closing wwwords.

MardiGrass is over and it's past time I was outta here, all I have left to do is to find a safe place to stash the mobile until I can find a way to get it back to me pot hole high in the hills above Nimbin, I mean, I would sure like to leave it where it is, out side the Hemp Bar and Embassy and go straight into bidness, but that would be against the law and until the law changes the Big Bong Burger Bar Cannabis Catering Concept is not unlike the Big Bong Mobile - Theoretically and mechanically, the Mobile is fully capable of transporting me home to the pot hole or anywhere else I want to go for that matter, but not according to the (in this case logical) laws of the road, anyway, the hempbar is doofing away in my ears as I wwwind up what I would consider one of the most arduous content capture missions I have ever undertaken and, as usual, my mind is more full of what could have been, rather than what was.

Bottom Line? I could have sold cannabis by the bucket load had of added a 'walk by' sales window, but making money out of a political demonstration is not what I am about, because when all is said and done, the Big Bong Mobile Content Capsule was primarily designed to prompt as many cannabists to do exactly what you are doing right now, clicking your way thru Big Bong Cyber Space!

So there is not much more to add at this point in cyber space and time, besides the fact that I am currently working on a gif animation of this content capture mission, an animation that will 'seamlessly' appear someweb in Big Bong Cyber Space, so in the mean time, it's time to head back to the center of  the web, to the primary portal page....