There are a couple of ways to view what is about to happen, one way is via the Apollo 11/Apollo 13 Metaphor, think of this click stream like being in orbit around a distant object, a point in space and time that has been travelled towards, and nowww it's time to touch down in unknowwwn territory using virtually the same image delivery mechanism that NASA used when it landed a web cam on Mars in '97.

Yeah, I like the way this Apollo 11/Apollo 13 Metaphor is developing, because thats exactly how it feels some times - exactly like I am orbiting an alien planet of illogical complexity, because, just like every other alien that is ever likely to come this way, I have been able to watch a lot of television, and, after 30 years of viewing, I gotta say that the sum of what I've had to sit through is more than enough to make me I wish that I was an alien so I could just cruise right on by..

hmmmn, maybe I am from another dimension, a separate reality created with a Big Bong rather than a Big Bang, a cannabist from the planet cannabinoid?

Either way, I see a planet where possession of an important component of my brain chemistry is subject to punishment and removal of liberty, I see a planet that, if I was really from the planet cannabinoid, I would DEFINITELY NOT want to land on, but, that's all besides the point - because earth is where I'm crash landing and for all I know my cyber sled and brain will be impounded the instant I materialize in mainstream, cause there ain't no way I'm not carrying cannabis in either, thus, these could be my last wwwords for a while, but, in every way these don't feel like last words, they feel more like talking with MISSION CONTROL just before I strap myself into little qwerty for the touch down sequence.

little qwerty?

Yep that's right, I will be making the initial landing with little qwerty - assuming she is up to the task that is - can't tell till I power her up and I can't power her up till we actually touch down on earth and umbilicus and the only wwway to find out what happens next is to click on the red arrow below ;O)--~


Click here to initiate landing sequence