In the BBBBeginning..

The Big Bong Mobile is to be constructed from an unregistered and unroadworthy metallic blue 1984 model Ford "S Pack" Station wagon and is roughly based on the sketch below. 

As for "part of the wwwhy for" behind the creation of the Big Bong Mobile...

Think Lawrence of Arabia,
Think Rolls Royce Silver Ghost Armoured Car,
Think peacebus, think protest parade, think C.H.O.G.M
and then add a bright yellow, fully functional, totally web cammed
and highly mobile Big Bong on wheels to the mental image....

As for what I intend say to my dear Queen Elizabeth II when she turns up at the Mobile Big Bong Burger Bar- it will probably be along the lines of...."

Webgreetings your HIGHness,

welcome to the Mobile Big Bong Burger Bar, how nice of you to drop by ;O)--~ Would you like a peace cookie with a nice cup of tea? Anyhow, sit down here in the comfy seat because I need @bout 4 and 20 minutes of your time to showww you the mechanism I have constructed to MAXimize the full potential of the "Commonwealth Wide" re-legalization of Cannabis ........

An other part of the wwwhy is so that the Big Bong Mobile can act as the mobile web casting unit for the next Mardi Grass and also act as HeadQuarters / primary web casting unit during the initial start up phase of the construction of the first Big Bong Burger Bar that starts 'sometime between C.H.O.G.M and the Grass.




Anywwway, the Big Bong Mobile ain't going to Brisbane for the C.H.O.G.M until sometime in 2002, C.H.O.G.M-2001 got postponed, thus I have plenty of time to bbbbuild the Big Bong Mobile, which is prolly just as well, I mean, not only do I have to bbbbuild the Big Bong Mobile, bbbbut I also have to fix the trailer below before I can go anywhere ;O)--~.


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