wwwelcome to the wwworkshop portal chamber, here is where we need to make a few adjustments to your view screen in order to MAXimize the web cam interface, lets start by nuking a few resource sucking programs that you may have running.

Nuke every other browser window you have open.

Shut down your email checking device.

If you have a anti-virus program barnacled to your task bar, it'll probably be too difficult to scrape off, but try if you want to.

Next comes the tricky part, you have to minimize this window and then >> right click the desktop >> go to propertys >> go to settings >> reset the screen area to 640X480, click okay and then MAXimize this window again.

WEBMASTERS NOTE: None of the steps above are compulsory, indeed they are highly superfluous and time consuming unless you want to view the web cam image as BIG and as CLEAR as possible ;O)--~

welcome back, this text should now be much bigger than it was before and the yellow box should almost be right at the edges of your monitor, which means that you are correctly configured to enter the webshowww ;O)--~